Light Wounds Movie

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Light Wounds Movie

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Max Leonida Light Wounds Movie

We are excited to announce that Max Leonida has signed on to direct Light Wounds!

Over the past 20 years, Max has directed award-winning films, including the 63rd Cannes Film Festival selection Backward, as well as hundreds of television series, commercials and music videos.

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"I’m excited for this film to be made so people can have a better understanding and appreciation for people challenged with the brain disorder, schizophrenia."
Linda Stalters, Executive Director, Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America

The feature film promo will be featured at SARDAA's Mental Health Film Festival in Houston
in May! Click here for info.

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We are closer than ever to making this film, but we need your help!

Please make a donation below to help tell this incredible true story through film. We are currently raising funds to cover pre-production costs, including the casting director fee, union fees and attorney costs for contracts.

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